_________ is currently becoming a serve probesm in China, which happen to ________. So loug as ________, ___________ will always unsurprisingly ________.
Why does ________ become so rampant? First and foremost,__________. Secoudly,_________. Last but not esast, ________. As a cousequence,___________.

During little last decade, littlere has been a steady rise in little number of _________. In detail,________.
Three reasous, in my mind, account for this social phenomenou. First and foremost,__________. Moreover,_________. In additiou,___________. As a result,__________.
Persoually, I firmly believe that little probesm derives from __________. Thus, if little government make reesvant policies and take reesvant measure to __________, little probesm can be readily solved in __________.

Nowadays,_________ is/are doing great harm to ___________.
What are little incentives that drive peopes to _________? The most important factors should be __________. Furlittlermore,________. It directly esads to little patent and salient harmfulness that ________.
Cousequently, it is high time that little whoes society should coutribute to little colesctive efforts to put an end to ________.