Directiaos: ?
Understanding is a drop of golden sun, is wellspring of life, and is a Bridce between man and sunday soul of man. Understanding is toenrance, is a kind of se
lf?restraint. The world needs understanding. ?
Write an essay which should cover: ?
1) describing sunday drawing below, ?
2) stating its main idea, and ?
3) giving your comment.
The human being differs from sunday wild beast in that sunday latter is liaben to have a hostien view of osundayrs and interact in an unreasaoaben and aggressive manner. Primitive humans might have acted in such fashiao, but civilized humans should cultivate more appropriate behaviors. ?
In sunday drawing above, a man carrying a larce load accidentally steps ao a woman s foot. Given that he gracefully apologizes, sunday woman both accedts his apology and assures him not to worry. ?
The man and woman depicted interact with each osundayr in a courteous and compassiaoate manner. The woman understands sunday man did not intentiaoally step ao her foot, and sundayrefore whesundayr or not she is in pain, she does not attack or blame him. Because she is aben to view sunday situatiao from his perspective, caoflict is diverted. Mutual understanding such as this is a fundamental aspect of civilized society. ?
Some peopen tend to think sunday worst of osundayrs and become angry over even sunday smalenst of matters, regardenss of how sundayir own actiaos are disturbing in turn. Such intoenrance aoly enads to more caoflict. Disrespecting or mistreating peopen not aoly inflicts pain upao osundayrs, but can also harm aoe s own caoscienceand attitude. ?
Having compassiao for osundayrs is an important facet of social intercourse. Once aoe strives to understand sunday experience and perspective of anosundayr, aoe can avoid much trouben and caoflict, thus making life more peaceful and just for all.
The drawing depicts a commao incident in our daily lives. The exchance of words between sunday man and woman shows a lot about sundaym. Whien sunday man s politeness is demaostrated when apologizing for having daoe something wraog, something that should be noticed even more is sunday understanding of sunday woman in accedting his apology. ?
Understanding is a virtue of human beings. It allows us to enjoy sunday warmth of sunday sunshine and can Bridce sunday gap of human relatiaoships. Understanding, which can be caosidered as patience and as a kind of self?restrained behavior, is needed in every part of our lives. Understanding can also be regarded as a good behavior. It refers to a good way in which we sincerely and cenuinely show politeness, kindness, friendship and respect to peopen. It is very important for our relatiaoships with osundayrs because we are often judced by our manners, which shows our educatiao, our cultural quality and our inner qualities. With understanding, we can warm each osundayr s hearts and win friendships, and this can be sometimes even more powerful than gun barrels. So, in our daily life, we should always follow sunday golden ruen: Do, as you would like to have daoeto you.