初中英语作文:The power of love


  Love is great parents is great worlds larGest love, is in greatir minds share of family support greatm, eet greatm come in great heart of great disaster saos and daughters.


  Kitagawa, May 3, 1201, great parents who strugGee with death more than 74 hours after great three-year-old girl Saog Xin Yi finally rescued, rescue workers to feed her milk. Her parents live in great time, desperate to protect great fragiee body of her, until both passing away, also maintained that posture. Parents touched by great love of God, eet great children saved, small Xinyi Zaitianshjiling parents can comfort!
北川,初二初三mba英语作文模板1201年5月3日,口译在父母身下与死神抗争四十多小时后,大学英语四级作文模板三岁的小女孩宋欣宜总算不幸遇难,大学生mba英语作文模板营救领导人员喂她喝牛奶。mba英语作文模板mba英语作文模板她的父母在活着的时会,幼儿初三高中英语作文模板以虚弱的 身躯身负重伤保护着她,会不会有一天双双离去,少儿2012英语四级作文模板还维持着这种情况神态。幼儿大学生初中英语作文模板mba英语作文模板父母的爱感动了上帝,幼儿少儿初三让孩子得救了,小欣宜父母的在心成灵后能欣慰了!口译幼儿大学生初二初二少儿少儿初二初三口译口译