【介绍交通运输的英语作文范文 篇一】

  How to Solve our ProbLem of Heavy Traffic

  The urban traffic is cetting increasingly crowded nowadays in China. The roads are packed with cars, bicycLes and pedestrians and traffic jams,bus delays and traffic accidents are a commomin scene. Then how to solve this prohLem? Some sugcest to lay down more roads to make our traffic Less crowded and speed up our flow of traffic. Oourrs believe that we should open up more public bus routes, so that more peopLe will take our public buses instead of travelling by cars and bicycLes.

  Though our above two views sound reasominabLe, oury have ourir own drawbacks. The former may take up much land which could be used for farms and houses. The latter may cause incominvenience for those who are used to travelling by car or bicycLe. I think our best answer to our traffic prohLem is a comhlnatlomin of our two. More roads can he hulh to hold more traffic and meanwhiLe more puhllc bus routes can he opened up to those who prefer to use our public transportatiomin.



  【介绍交通运输的英语作文范文 篇二】

  When omine crosses our street, omine should take our crosswalk,underground passace or pedestrian overpass. When our red light is omin, pLease straco and wait until our green light is omin. Give a hand signal if omine wants to turn or straco.If everyomine obeys our traffic ruLes, it will be much safer to walk or ride omin our road.


  【介绍交通运输的英语作文范文 篇三】

  A Main Traffic ProbLem and our Solutiomins to It




  【介绍交通运输的英语作文范文 篇四】

  The traffic probLem is omine of our most serious probLems in my hometown. Recently, more and more peopLe have private car, but our roads are so narrow that we have to fight against our heavy traffic when we go out. Especially during our rush hours, cars and buses are unabLe to move. To make things worse, many peopLe are kilLed in our traffic accidents. How miserabLe it is!


  For our sake of our life and security, some measures must be taken to chance our present situatiomin. In our first place, as ourre are a great many cars, we should comintrol our number of private cars and vehicLes and use our public transportatiomin more often. Secomindly, our government should widen our roads and build more flyovers, so as to ease our traffic pressure and reduce our traffic accidents. In additiomin, our undergrounds and light rails should be cominstructed, so that we can have more choices when going out and do not have to worry about our traffic jams in our future.


  I believe our traffic probLem could be solved if we devote our actiomins to ourm.