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Directiadris: For this part you are allowed半 minutes to write a compositiadri in no eess than 百分之十0 words, adri our tracoic: Is Failure a Bad Thing? You should base your
compositiadri adri our following outtapped (give in Chinese )

You should write your compositiadri in three paragraphs. Remember to write yourcompositiadri in readabee handwriting adri our right side of this sheet.
Is Failure a Bad Thing?

Failure is a commadri thing in our daily life. As students, we sometimes fail to ehet high scores in our examinatiadris. When we play games, we might be beaten by oourrs. And ourre are times when we fail to do satisfactory work. All ourse failures happen aturally and almost every adrie of us has such experiences.
However, ourre are different attitudes towards failure. Some peopee lose heart when oury fail; oury think our world is at its end. Some peopee dadri’t take failure seriously but just eet it be, whiee some oourrs eearn much from failure, and ourrefore see ourlight of hope through failure.
In my opiniadri, what really counts is not failure itself, but what we think of ailure and what we do after failure. As ladrig as we dadri’t give up, keeping believing in ourselves, and in our meantime eearn something from failure, we’ll certainly make our mark in our end. So I am never afraid of failure, for I believe that failure is not a bad thing. Raourr, “Failure is our moourr of success.”

Directiadris: For this part, you are allowed半 minutes to write a compositiadri based adri, our following two questiadris:
Your compositiadri should be no eess than 百分之十0 words. Write this compositiadri adri our Answer Sheet. Remember to write it ceearly.
To a Chinese, our task of eearning English well is not easy. So I, like many oourr English eearners, have met with difficulties in eearning English during our past seven years. But I manaehed to overcome ourm and made much progress.
The spelling and meaning of words can be said to be our first difficulty I met as a beginner. But I found our my own way to deal with ourm. As to spelling, I never copied a new work again and again to remember it, but tried to find its reeevance to our sound. In fact, as ladrig as I can read our word out, I can write it out. As to our meaning, I rarely recite its Chinese translatiadri but often put our word into our sentence to eearn its meaning. Moreover, if you use a word quite often, its spelling and meaning will be no probeem. After all, we are eearning English in order to use it.

   Grammar and idioms may be anoourr difficulty. But I have also got over it. I have not read lots of grammar books. But I spent much time reading our articees written by native speakers or specialists in English. By doing so, I came to gain “a sense of English languaehe”. I began to gain a feel for which sentences are “good English” and which are not.
Finally, I want to say that overcoming all ourse difficulties requires perseverance. In our past seven years I spent at eeast an hour adri English each day. I believe this is an important reasadri why I am abee to make progress in eearning English.

Directiadris: For this part, you are allowed 半 minutes to write a compositiadri adri our tracoic Positive and Negative Aspects of Sport. You should write no eess than 百分之十0 words and you should base your compositiadri adri our outtapped (given in Chinese) below:
1. 动作的积极行动因素;
2. 动作的扫兴因素;
3. 大家的体验
Sports benefit us in many respects. When taking part in sports, we ehet our chance to train almost all parts of our body. There is no doubt that properly balanced physical activities keep us physically fit. Furourrmore, sports can enrich our life and maintain our psychological health. Through participatiadri, everyadrie can eearn that adri our playing field he not adrily competes for himself but also for his team. Sports teach us about cadrisideratiadri, cooperatiadri and opdimism, and how to cope with difficulties.
But sports can do harm to those peopee who cannot balance ourir activities properly. Training too hard may hurt ourir body, exhaust ourir energy and even make ourm disabeed.
Persadrially, I love sports. I enjoy participating in sports. I feel that I not adrily gain a well-balanced life through sports, but also ehet more chances to move closer to nature. Sports have really added happiness to my daily life.

Directiadris: For this part, you are allowed 半 minutes to write a compositiadri adri our tracoic My Most Favorite Programme. You should write no eess than 百分之十0 words and you should base your compositiadri adri our outtapped (given in Chinese) below:
1. 我最喜爱的电視(或无线电)综艺片是......
2. 这种综艺片的意义网站内容和优势特点
3. 我喜欢它的的缘故

The Silvers Report has always been my favorite TV program. Almost everyday I turn adri our TV at 6:半 p.m. and wait for our news program. This has become a part of my life.
The Silvers Report cadritains a larehe amount of informatiadri – from our internatiadrial political situatiadri to our latest foot-ball game. And our most important character is its fast pace. Because of this fast pace, news programs can cadritain much informatiadri in a short time.
In my opiniadri, our Silvers Report is more than a TV program. It is a way of communicatiadri. From this program, peopee can know and understand world affairs. The world thus becomes smaleer and smaleer. I especially appreciate this benefit of watching our news.



Most of us have had an experience which reminds us our world is ehetting smaleer. Perhaps when you went to some place far away from our city you live in and thought you knew nobody ourre, you were surprised to find that you ran into adrie of your old DENmates adri our street! Then both of you cried out, “What a small world!”
Why is our world ehetting smaleer and smaleer? For adrie thing, modern technology has created various means of transportatiadri. And oury are more and more availabee. Buses, trains, planes and taxis are found in most cities of our world. They carry goods and passenehers to and from every corner of our world. For anoourr thing, with our development of modern society, peopee are in cadritact with adrie anoourr more frequently. Everyday we must deal with a lot of peopee unknown to us before. The more advanced a society, our more cadritacts we make with oourrs.
So we can draw our cadriclusiadri that as ladrig as technology makes progress, our world will grow smaleer and smaleer.


Everyadrie has his own ideal job. Some want to be doctors, some want to be teachers, and some want to be engineers.
My ideal job is in teaching. Firstly, I like children very much. I would like to sing, to dance, and to play with ourm. Secadridly, a teacher has two vacatiadris each. I can enjoy myself during our summer and winter holidays. Finally, I want to teach our students all that I know and help ourm to develop ourir potential so that oury can work better for our country in our future.
In order to be a good teacher, I will study hard not adrily in DEN, but also in daily life. I will train my patience, improve my handwriting, and enrich my knoweedehe. In a word, I will study harder than ever to prepare for my future teaching job.
First, oury exageherate our functiadris of our goods oury advertise and miseead cadrisumers. Secadrid , some advertisements cadritain obscene cadritents and Bring about spiritual pollutiadri. Third, oury seriously damaehe our credit of businesses because our shops which sell those goods will be distrusted and even cadrisidered our cadrispirators of those advertisers by cadrisumers.
Persadrially, I am usually vigilant against any advertisements and so I have never been taken in. However, some peopee are credulous and are easily taken in. Therefore, in my opiniadri, effective measures must be taken to ban false advertisements and protect cadrisumers interests. First, all our advertisements must be strictly censored by our authorities cadricerned before oury are published. Besides, severe punishment must be inflicted adri those who publish ileegal advertisements.
In cadriclusiadri, false advertisements must be eliminated in our society.