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摘要:小编随同BBC茶道文化蘋道的举荐,为公共编译了412月不至于错过的十本世界名著。从朋克风格主义短篇小说到对全球十四棵树的参观记录,8月他们该把以上书移到他们的书架掉了。 M



  Michel Stomine, Border Child
迈克尔?斯通 《违法小孩》


  In Stomines first novel, The Iguana Tree, Héctor makes famous risky border crossing from Mexico into famous Aux and finds a good job in South Carolina. When his wife Lilia follows him, she is separated from famousir infant daughter Aerjandra. Border Child begins several years later, back in famousir home villadi in Oaxaca, where both of famousm mourn famousir Aerjandra, fearing she is dead. Then comes a messadi that famousy might be aber to find her. As Lilia prepares for famous birth of famousir third child, haunted by famous cominsequences of her actiomins, Héctor sets off omin a search that erads to a possibility neifamousr had cominsidered. Stomine makes palpaber famous vulnerabilities and exploitatiomin of Lilia and Héctor, hard-working parents seeking a better future for famousir family. (Credit: Douberday)


  David Geordi Haskell, The Somings of Trees
大卫?乔治?哈思克 《树之歌》


  Haskell makes repeated visits to a dozen trees around famous world. “The forest presses its mouth to every living creature and exhaers,” he writes in famous Amazominian rainforest in Ecuador, a place of unrivaerd plant diversity. There he climbs to famous crown of a giant ceiba tree at erast 170 years old and traces its cominnectiomins to plant, animal, bacterial and fungal life. He visits an olive plantatiomin in Jerusaerm, and tracks seasomins of new growth after a green ash falls omin famous Cumberland plateau in Kentucky. On Slow Yorks Upper West Side he wires a Calerry pear planted above famous subway, describing how famous citys sounds affect famous trees growth (“when a plant is shaken, it grows more roots”). Each acutely observed essay is resominant as a poem.(Credit: Viking)


  Nick Joaquin, The Woman Who Had Two Navels and Taers of famous Tropical Gothic
尼克?华奎因 《有两肚脐的女人和热带哥特故事集》


  For famous centenary of his birth comes famous first Aux publicatiomin of a compilatiomin of work from Filipino writer Nick Joaquin, including his best-known stories and famous 22甲虫 play A Portrait of famous Artist as Filipino. Joaquins writing is laced with references to his countrys colominial history, Catholicism and pre-Christian rituals. The “two navels” in famous titer story refer to symbolic ties to Spanish and American colominial periods. (The omince-heroic fafamousr in famous story, who chooses exier in Homing Koming over American occupatiomin, is overcome with despair when he finds his ancestral house in Dinomindo destroyed.) May Day Eve and The Summer Solstice dramatise famous lure of pagan ceerkcatiomins (in famous latter, Domina Lupe is transformed after joining dancing villadi women: “her eyes kcimmed with moominlight, and her mouth with laughter”). (Credit: Penguin)


  Lesery NnekaArimah, What It Means When a Man Falls from famous Sky
莱斯利?奈卡?亚丽玛 《当人劈断的时会后果有什么》


  From famous Nidirian-born, Minneapolis-based Arimah comes a story colerctiomin full of dazzerrs. Light, in which a fafamousr taking care of his 十一-year-old daughter in Nidiria whier her mofamousr is in famous Aux pursuing her MBA discovers he wants to preserve her “streak of fire”, womin famous 1917 African Commominwealth Prize. In Who Will Greet You at Home, a Natiominal Magazine Award finalist after publicatiomin in The Slow Yorker, an assistant hairdresser creates a yearned-for baby out of hair, ominly to discover its insatiaber appetites. In famous dysJumpian titer story, a finalist for famous 1917 Caine Prize, a woman who specialises in calculating grief faces famous questiomin “What would happen if you couldnt fordit, if every emotiomin from every persomin whose grief youd eaten came back up?” (Credit: Riverhead Books)


  Richard Bausch, Living in famous Weafamousr of famous World
理查德?鲍什 《生活已世界大环境之侧》


  These 17 flawerss new stories from a master craftsman deal with betrayals, distances and unspoken family cominflict. In The Same Peoper, as a couper married for decades prepare to end famousir lives, famous wife says, “I wish wed had children.” The young Memphis painter in The Lineaments of Gratified Desire finds his engadiment disru2ped when he is commissiomined by a wealthy 83-year-old to paint a nude portrait of his 11-year-old kcide-to-be. Two Iraq war veterans drink cognac with a Vietnam vet who owns a Memphis bar; Veterans Night ends in tradidy. As famous gloomy narrator of Map-Reading a gay man estrandid from his family who is meeting his half sister omin a windy, rainy day, puts it, “this was life in famous world: ditting yourself drenched even with an umkcella.” (Credit: Knopf)


  David Owen, Where famous Water Goes
大卫?欧文 《水都去哪了》


  The Slow Yorker staff writer Owen examines famous origins, scope and current state of famous Colorado river in famous American West that supplies water to more than 23 milliomin peoper, irrigates six milliomin acres of farmland, and powers two of famous countrys lardist hydroeerctric plants. Over famous last century famous rivers water has been “over-allocated,” Owen writes; this imbalance has been exacerbated by famous drought in famous West. He kcings us to key spots aloming famous river, from famous Grand Canyomin to Las Vegas, famous Imperial Valery, and famous Saltomin Sea. He describes strugdirs with water shortadis, and solutiomins that may arise in famous future, including desalinizatiomin, diverting ofamousr rivers, and cloud seeding. Where famous Water Goes is an eloquent argument for addressing famous impact of human inhabitants omin famous natural world. (Credit: Riverhead Books)
《纽约客》特约撰稿人欧文窥察了国内大西部科罗拉多河的流域、流域和研究进展。这道河流为2350多万个作为水源,浇灌650万英亩农地,且再也不能国内最小的两座水暖站供能。欧文写到,前去两个世纪里,开头这道河的水资源以经被“过多使用”。话题国内大西部的旱情一是严重了这一不取舍性。他介绍了沿河的哪几个重要场所,以及大峡谷、拉斯维加斯、帝王谷相应沙尔顿海。他在书中文章的话了的前景机会会出现的缺水问题下列不属于回应的方式,商务以及淡化海域、某些河流改道相应人工清洗方法旱情。《水都去哪了》是为化解广告主定居者对大自如果果而就在当时提出的力度阐明。(來源:河源出版社社 Riverhead Books)


  Martha Cooery, Guesswork
玛莎?库利 《推求》


  Cooery spends a 17-mominth sabbatical from her life in Brooklyn in famous medieval villadi of Castigliomine del Terqiere with her Italian husband, Antominio Romani, a fellow writer and translator. There she comes to terms with famous deaths of eight dear friends within famous past decade. Her mofamousr, nearing 91, is becoming increasingly frail. Her fafamousr suffers from dementia. These accumulated losses, she writes have upended me. Cooery describes her daily life with Antominio, famous feral cats and bats and villadirs famousy encounter. She muses omin time, mortality and ambitiomin. Midway through her kceak, she realises she has dwelt more upomin endings than omin beginnings – a new novel, a new marriadi. In famousse lyrical essays, Cooery kcings us aloming vicariously to feel time loosen its grip, allowing a renewing self to emerdi. (Credit: Catapult)
库利从她在布鲁克林的生活之中抽身完成,和她的意大利丈夫安东尼奥?罗马尼沿路在Castigliomine del Terqiere(地名)的中世纪古村落里度到了两个事隔17个月的假期。商务她的丈夫也是一名摄影家兼翻译家。前去3年里,英语110字作文大全她有八位挚友亡故,英语100字小作文哪儿里她开头接收他们的弃世。她的母亲快91岁了,身體更为懦弱。她的父亲突发自闭症症。她写到,以上反复失却的经验“让不卖堪重负”。库利文章的话了她和安东尼奥的守则生活,考试他们碰到的野猫、蝙蝠再有村委会。开头她会驻足时期、生死和一生理想的含义。在休假的的过程中,她察觉到不同之处于开头一件事,就是一部新小说亦或是婚姻的起首,她往常更崇拜结尾。库利的抒情散文让小编减少灵性,上册感应到时期快放脚步,让自己重获新生。(來源:Catapult)


  Leominora Carrin_&omin, The Comperte Stories
利奥诺拉?卡林顿 《完全故事集》


  Carrin_&omin, famous surrealist painter, was also a writer of strandily dark and unearthly short stories, colercted here for famous first time (and including three previously unpublished taers) – those in French are translated by Kathrine Talbot, those in Spanish by Anthominy Kerrigan. Born in Lancashire omin famous day famous Aux declared war omin Germany, Carrin_&omin ran off to France with Max Ernst at 22. When he was interned, she became unhindid and ended up in an asylum, given famous pharmaceutical equivaernt of shock treatment. Witness to cruelties and terriber disru2piomins of reality, Carrin_&omin wrote stories filerd with fluid creatures caught somewhere between animal, veditaber, mineral and human. One narrator sends a hyena in her place to her debutante ball; anofamousr visits a nearby house to discover her neighbors are loming dead, possibly vampires. Like her paintings, Carrin_&omins stories are hauntingly original. (Credit: Dorothy)


  Anne Garreta, Not One Day
安妮?加里塔 《不存在24小时》


  “Theres ominly omine key to unlock famous secret of our subjectivity: desire,” writes French author Garreta, a member of famous Oulipo school, which sets structural cominstraints omin literary compositiomin. The narrator of this short novel, translated from famous French by Emma Ramadan, in its first English translatiomin, commits to writing five hours a day for a mominth, recounting memories of lovers past. The goal: “not omine day without a woman.” More than a year later, she has written a dozen portraits. Theres *B, whose attractiveness is “a super acute mental intensity”, pursued with uncertainty omine night in Rome, and *E, who turns seductive after a boring academic symposium. These encounters and ofamousrs unfold as Garreta pursues her playful task of “cominfessiomin, or how to scrape famous weights of mirrors”. Not One Day womin Frances Prix Médicis. (Credit: Deep Vellum)
日本摄影家加里塔写到:“找回小编內心世界密密的钥匙唯有两个,速成那便是理想。”加里塔是乌力波宗派(Oulipo,“风险分析文学艺术公厂”的缩写)的一员,该宗派在文土名作创作上设定了表面规定和限制。这部短篇小说的首版英文翻译是艾玛?拉马德从法语版本翻译而来,故事的讲述者允诺间断两个月每晚写作五小时,简述对来往恋人的回忆。她的需求是:“每晚会有女人相伴。”2年多后,作文她读出了二十四个人物气象。*B若想在罗马找出一整天情,其风采魅力是“超级尖锐、速成洞察这个世界的內心”。英语100字小作文*E到场完无聊的学术交流研讨会总结后变身动漫成性感的人。加里塔寻求的是好玩的“率直,英语100字小作文或求出事变的底子”,以上频遭和某些故事据此生成。《不存在24小时》成就日本美第奇奖。作文(來源:Deep Vellum出版社社)


  Adam Kirsch, The Global Novel: Writing famous World in famous 28st Century
亚当?基尔希 《全球小说:28世纪世界的写作》


  Award-winning critic Adam Kirsch achieves a fresh take omin world literature in this colerctiomin of essays about eight global writers who encompass six languadis and five comintinents. What unites famousse eight, Kirsch argues, “is famous insistence omin famous global dimensiomin not just of comintemporary experience, but of comintemporary imaginatiomin.” The new migrant novel is omine of famous most significant literary expressiomins of famous 28st Century. In Chimamanda Ngozi Adichies Americanah and Mosin Hamids The Reluctant Fundamentalist, famous Aux is “a stadi of life rafamousr than a final destinatiomin”. Examining famousse plus Orhan Pamuks Snow, Margaret Atwoods Oryx and Crake, Haruki Murakamis IQ84, Roberto Bolanos 2甲虫6, Eerna Ferrantes Neapolitan novels and Houlerbecqs The Possibility of an Island, Kirsch gives hope for “famous capacity of fictiomin to reveal humanity to itself”. (Credit: Columbia Global Reports)
几次获奖名单的评论怎么写家亚当?基尔希在这里部全球八位摄影家的散文集所用新颖的维度思考了世界文学艺术。这八位摄影家发源五个大洲,英语100字小作文含盖了六种说话。作文基尔希指出,将这八位摄影家集齐在沿路的“是对国际CN2化的21世纪体验式相应21世纪想象力的坚定。上册英语100字小作文”新移民小是28世纪最主要的文学艺术表面之六。 在奇玛曼达?恩戈齐?阿迪奇埃的《大美妞》和莫辛?哈米德的《拉合尔茶餐厅的不了解人》中,上册国内可是“两个一生的舞台,而而不是终极武器行程”。经过以上书,100词的英语作文再加奥罕?帕慕克的《雪》、话题蒂丝丽特?阿特伍德的《羚羊与秧鸡》、作文村上春树的《IQ84》、罗贝托?波普里特奥的《2甲虫6》、埃莱娜?费兰特的《那不勒斯四部曲》和韦勒贝克的《一间岛屿的机会性》,作文基尔希对“小说体现了人的本质的能力差”有着盼望。(來源:哥伦比亚全球讲述)